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Catalyst for your successful financial future with loans and financial services.

Welcome to Anil Parekh and Co., a premier financial advisory consulting company, that specializes in empowering individuals and businesses to realize their aspirations through tailor-made loan advisory services.

In the dynamic realm of loans and financial services, we stand out as a beacon of expertise and independence. Our seasoned professionals meticulously analyze your financial landscape, creditworthiness, and objectives to craft bespoke solutions that align with your unique needs. Unlike the rest, we are not just financial advisors; we are your dedicated partners on the journey to financial success. Choose Anil Parekh and Co. for unparalleled guidance, where every financial decision is a step toward achieving your goals.


Quality Assurance Financial Services

Quality Assurance Financial Services for Strategic Growth

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, we redefine the standards of quality assurance financial services. Managing the entire loan life cycle, we empower you to capitalize on opportunities, reshape organizational structures, and harness the full potential of information. Today's financial challenges require innovative solutions, and we are here to navigate the complexities with you. Our seasoned consultants guide you through the entire loan process, offering expert analysis, streamlined applications, and efficient approval processes.

Building a Better Working World Through Financial Expertise

Committed to building a better working world, Anil Parekh and Co. go beyond conventional financial consulting. Our end-to-end advisory solutions unlock and preserve value in mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, and more.

Transformative Financial Advice for Diverse Clients

Our Financial Advisory team specializes in providing transformative financial advice to a diverse clientele, including multinational corporates, private equity firms, promoter-managed businesses, creditors, shareholders, and the public sector. Partner with us to make history, as impact is never created alone.

Expert Guidance

Anil Parekh and Co. stands as an expert in loan advisory services. Whether you're an individual, a registered business, or part of the public sector, our dedicated team of Loan Advisors is at your service. From simplifying complex processes to offering tailored advice, we connect you with the best-priced loan facilities for your unique needs.

Loans and financial solutions

Redefining financial solutions with a personalized touch.

We offer a spectrum of loans and financial solutions understanding that one size doesn't fit all. Our expert team navigates the intricacies, tailoring options to your unique circumstances. Recognizing the nuances of lender variations and jurisdictional influences, our expert team ensures clarity and guidance. In this complex landscape, consult with us for a seamless understanding of specific requirements and options available.

  • Strategic Advisory for Start-Ups
  • We analyze growth ideas and simplify regulatory compliance to keep your business on track from the outset.

  • Comprehensive Tax Advisory
  • Our services encompass comprehensive advisory, representation, and compliance for both direct and indirect tax matters in India. From corporate taxation advice to handling appellate matters, we provide a holistic approach to taxation challenges.

  • Purposeful Tax Audits
  • Our Corporate Tax Audit Services serve the dual purpose of ensuring proper accounting records and adherence to income tax provisions. We collaborate with authorized tax auditors to report bookkeeping discrepancies to the appropriate tax authorities.

Mortgage Loan

As experts in mortgage loan advisory services, we simplify the path to real estate acquisition. With a mortgage loan, your property becomes the key to securing your investment. We guide you through flexible payment plans, ensuring smooth repayments over an agreed-upon period. At Anil Parekh and Co., we not only secure your home but also secure your financial future with personalized mortgage solutions tailored just for you.


Home Loan

As pioneers in home loan advisory services, we craft personalized solutions for your homeownership journey. Tailored to finance the purchase or construction of your residence, our home loans feature extended repayment terms and competitive interest rates. At Anil Parekh and Co., we create pathways to your ideal home, ensuring a seamless and affordable investment in your residential dream.

Business Loan

Our business loan advisory services are crafted for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking seamless support for operations, expansion, or asset investment. Tailored to diverse needs like inventory purchase, equipment acquisition, or real estate investment, our loans fuel growth. Whether secured or unsecured, we customize solutions based on your creditworthiness and our commitment to your business success. With Anil Parekh and Co., your business aspirations find the financial foundation they deserve.


Machinery Loan

With us, your business ambitions take center stage. Our machinery loan advisory services are meticulously designed to propel your operations forward. Tailored to finance the acquisition or upgrading of essential machinery and equipment, our loans are the catalysts for heightened productivity and enhanced competitiveness. Partner with Anil Parekh and Co. for a seamless journey toward business excellence, where every machine becomes an investment in your success.

Project Finance Loan

Anil Parekh and Co., where your ambitious projects find financial wings. Our project finance loan advisory services are a strategic tool for powering large-scale infrastructure and development dreams, from power plants to transportation networks. Unlike traditional loans, we secure funds through project cash flow and assets, not just a balance sheet. Your repayment aligns with project success, ensuring a harmonious blend of financial support and project prosperity. At Anil Parekh and Co., we propel your projects toward unparalleled success.


Working Capital Loan

We are your partner in business vitality. Our working capital loan advisory services are crafted to empower businesses with short-term financial prowess. We understand the pulse of your operations, providing direct financing for day-to-day expenses, inventory management, and meeting short-term obligations. Whether through fund-based solutions or non-fund facilities like letters of credit and bank guarantees, we ensure your business transactions and obligations are seamlessly supported. With Anil Parekh and Co., your working capital becomes a dynamic force for sustained operational excellence.