KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

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Welcome to Anil Parekh and Co., your premier chartered accountant consultants in India, elevating your business through our cutting-edge Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services. Our KPO services redefine the landscape of Finance and Accounting Outsourcing, offering more than just solutions—we offer a partnership for success. We specialize in outsourcing complex, knowledge-based tasks, bringing forth a wealth of specialized expertise and domain knowledge. This ensures that your business can seamlessly navigate intricate financial landscapes, all while focusing on core operations.


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In the dynamic CA profession, we stand as trusted advisors, offering expert services in audit, tax, accounting, and financial planning. Anil Parekh & Co. is your partner in navigating the complexities of financial regulations, delivering excellence in every aspect of your business. We are your trusted chartered accountant consultant, redefining the landscape of financial solutions. As a leader among accounting consulting firms in India, we specialize in staying ahead of regulatory developments, saving you valuable time and energy.

Our Accounting Consultancy Services are tailored to your unique needs, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Save significantly by outsourcing to us, avoiding the need for in-house accounting teams. Our custom, scalable, and cost-effective solutions provide daily access to financials, ensuring peace of mind.

Our KPO Services

At Anil Parekh and Co., we understand that finance and accounting are the bedrock of your business. Our KPO services cover a diverse range of functions within these domains, providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond the conventional outsourcing model. By outsourcing these knowledge-intensive tasks, businesses can focus on their core operations while benefiting from specialized expertise in areas like accounting and financial management. We become an extension of your team, working collaboratively to enhance efficiency and drive success.


Our KPO services redefine financial landscapes, providing businesses with meticulous financial transaction management, record maintenance, and book keeping. Choose us for precision, transparency, and a commitment to your financial success.

Tax Compliance Reports:

Our service encompasses precise preparation of tax returns, ensuring businesses meet tax obligations. Stay informed with our proactive approach to tax regulations and changes, facilitating smooth compliance.

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR):

Our practice involves meticulous analysis and redesign of business processes, aimed at elevating efficiency, cutting costs, and optimizing overall performance. Redefine success through strategic re-engineering with us.

Budgeting And Forecasting:

Our KPO expertise extends to crafting precise budgets and forecasts. We aid businesses in strategic financial planning, ensuring effective management. Trust us for a future-ready approach to elevate your financial foresight and planning.

Bookkeeping Services India:

Our expertise goes beyond recording transactions, extending to meticulous ledger maintenance. Trust us for accurate and up-to-date financial records, ensuring a solid foundation for your business's financial success.

Monthly Reporting:

Elevate your financial insights with our Monthly Reporting services. Our KPO expertise goes beyond routine tasks, generating insightful monthly financial reports. We provide a comprehensive overview, empowering businesses with a deeper understanding of their financial performance.

MIS (Management Information System):

We are experts in crafting and maintaining MIS. Our KPO services go beyond, aiding businesses in effective data analysis, informed decision-making, and robust performance monitoring. Trust us for a comprehensive approach to elevate your business strategies.


We manage your employee payroll with precision and adherence to regulatory standards. Effortlessly navigates payroll complexities beyond salary calculations. We keep your payroll record up to date, so that you meet payroll compliances.

Bank Reconciliation:

Achieve financial precision with Bank Reconciliation services. We meticulously match your company's financial records with bank statements. Our goal is to ensure accuracy and promptly identify any discrepancies, providing you with a foundation built on financial integrity.

Year-End Maintenance of General Ledger:

Gear up for seamless year-end financial reporting with General Ledger maintenance. Our KPO services specialize in closing the books and ensuring accurate recording of all transactions. Count on us for essential year-end financial upkeep in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Accounting Firms Outsourcing to India

Discover unparalleled reliability with Anil Parekh & Co., your premier chartered accountant consultant in India. With a rich 17+ years of expertise, our commitment to Corporate Advisory, Business Advisory and modeling, Tax Transaction Structuring, Investment Advisory, International Transactions, Audit, and Due Diligence sets us apart.

Accounting Consulting Firms in India

We are your trusted destination for KPO services in India.

Skilled Workforce:

Benefit from a skilled and educated workforce. With the third-largest higher education system globally and high literacy rates, India offers top-notch CA and CPA professionals, providing quality without compromise.


Cost Efficiency:

Enjoy cost-effective solutions with India's lower cost of living and labor charges. Reduce operational costs significantly while maintaining quality standards.


Flexible Staffing:

Adapt to growing accounting needs effortlessly. Indian accountants offer flexible staffing solutions, working in various shifts to accommodate urgent financial matters.


Legislative Expertise:

Navigate complex tax procedures and legal obligations effortlessly. We stay updated on IRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, and IFRS, ensuring compliance with the latest standards.


Innovative Infrastructure:

Leverage India's robust IT and software development industry. Our accounting firms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring swift and accurate accounting services.


English Proficiency:

India, the second-largest English-speaking country, boasts high English proficiency. Clear communication and understanding of your business processes are guaranteed.


Time Zone Advantage:

Leverage the time zone difference for increased efficiency. With India ahead in time, receive results promptly, optimizing your business processes

Virtual CFO Services India

Experience a paradigm shift in financial management—your strategic partner for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making. CFO Bridge offers on-demand CFO consulting, addressing accounting, taxation, fundraising, financial planning, analysis, M&A, and automation. Elevate your business with our top-tier CFO talent, eliminating uncertainties at a fraction of the cost. Breakthrough profitability challenges and build a future-proof financial blueprint with Anil Parekh & Co., your trusted partner for virtual CFO solutions.